Chapter 7 : Epilogue


The end came suddenly on May 1, 1951. With his children at his side, Dr. Nagai died in his former work place, Nagasaki Medical College Hospital, after praying in a strong voice. He was only 43 years old.


Dr. Nagai prayed and then took his last breath.


The funeral was held in the ruins of Urakami Cathedral



"From here I can see Makoto preparing to carry away broken roof tiles in a straw basket, and Kayano playing house by herself and using the fragment of an Arita vase to arrange flowers. I wonder how these children will comment on my way of thinking after they grow up. In 50 years time they will be much older than I am today. Perhaps when they read this book they will sit together andrattle their false teeth, saying things like 'Dad certainly had a youthful outlook."


(from the final chapter of Kono Ko wo Nokoshite [Leaving These Children Behind])


The two-mat room where Dr. Nagai lived.